Karma – Law and Living
Life is NOT predestined as many of us believe.
Instead one shapes his future by his own deeds /
actions (​karma​).
Karma is our actions, whatever we do with our
organs, even what we think in our mind is a Subtle
form of Karma​. As our thoughts are, so as our
actions. Karma can be understood as a cycle of
action and reaction.
Why am I here? Why was I born here in this family? Why is she beautiful and me ugly? Why does
someone obtain outstanding worldly success? Why is one person extremely rich and many are
poor who do not have enough food to even survive? Why did he do that to me? Why this or that?
Does God decide the life for everyone? NO​.
The answers lie in one eternal truth – based on the Law of Karma or The Karma Philosophy –
that no one can escape the result of his karma​. Depending on the bad or good karma or action
or deeds, one will suffer or enjoy, either in this or the next life. There is no end to life. We souls
are on an unlimited journey and will take the next birth according to the Karma we perform in
present life. No one can escape the result of ​karma​. ​The law of ​Karma ​is inviolable.
Hence everyone must act with a sense of consciousness. We must acquire the right knowledge
of what is good and what is bad action.
The Right Karma: Actions in line with soul’s innate nature (i.e. Peace, Love, Bliss,
Happiness, Harmony) & which is not done under the influence of any of the vices (Lust, Anger,
Greed, Attachment, Ego, Jealousy, Hatred) is called the Right Karma. One needs to detach
himself and check the quality of his/her thought at thinking level, whether it’s of the right energy
or wrong. In simpler words, Karma is the energy I the soul, radiate out into the world. And
whatever energy gets radiated out from me, comes back to me, which we call fate / destiny. For
e.g. the most essential and righteous karma (which is the need of an hour) is to have pure sight
towards every being on the planet, i.e. accepting celibacy as a natural way of life.
The Wrong Karma: Any Karma done under the influence of body-consciousness (the
vices) depletes soul’s energy because it is opposite to the innate nature of a soul. It also
radiates negative energy to the ones connected to him/her & to the surrounding atmosphere.
The morale of the story – I have to do right karma for my benefit; it is not for showing it to
anyone outside.
Every human action has a moral aspect. If a person’s certain act is morally good, the person
gets ultimately benefited. If, on the other hand, his acts are morally bad, he suffers. This way the
world runs. Deep inside every person (soul) understands what is right and what is wrong.
Actions done under body-consciousness (under the influence of vices) are negative karmas​,
which radiates negativity to my energy field, to my organs (health), to my relationships, to the
atmosphere. This leads to disharmony, imbalance and conflicts in ‘my world’.
On the other hand, if a person acts with the feeling of love (not attachment), equality, harmony,
peace, bliss (i.e. soul-conscious state) then he’s radiating positive/elevated energy benefiting
himself with good emotional and physical health, harmonious relationships and pure/elevated
Thoughts and Karma
Every action is preceded by thoughts. The most powerful instrument that mankind possesses
is thought power. Thoughts build our consciousness and shape our attitude. One needs to know
how important thoughts are. Every human creation we see in this world is due to powerful
thoughts in human minds. Thoughts shape our world. Thoughts are fertilized by knowledge. A
person with a certain kind of knowledge usually creates thoughts in harmony with that
knowledge. Knowledge gives wisdom; a person without knowledge is a person whose thoughts
will be formed in ignorance.
The quality of thoughts determines the quality of our karma​. The karma in turn has a good or
bad effect on us. This again influences our thinking. So right thinking based on right knowledge
is essential for leading a peaceful and contented life. RajaYoga Meditation helps us in doing the
right thinking that leads to righteous actions. This also helps in remaining mentally strong
amidst turbulent situations.