How many Worlds do
exist? How many
dimensions of World
are there? All we know
and is in reach of our
physical senses, is just
this Earthly World. So
we can conclude that
this Earth must exist.
Because everything
here is physical (in the sense of feeling with a touch or smell), we say it the Corporeal World
(Gross World / Sakaar Duniya​). It is also called the Karma Kshetra or a huge Drama Stage
because when the soul enters into this world, it wears a terrestrial or gross body of flesh &
bones; it acts here and plays a happy or sad part. The soul reaps as it sows; it gets as it acts.
Birth and death, pleasure and pain, good and bad actions, thoughts and words and sound – all
these are to be found in this world. Always, without a break, a Movie-talkie World Drama is
enacted here. The W​orld Drama is played within the 5000 years cycle, which then keeps
repeating itself cycle-after-cycle. This is the ‘’real’’ world.
Beyond the sun and the stars & galaxies of this Human World,
beyond the highest expanse of ether, there is a world where
angels abide. This is called the Subtle World​. Because the angels
that dwell there, have no gross bodies but subtle, self-luminous
bodies which cannot be seen with the gross or physical eyes.
That world can be seen only with the divine eyes. There’s no birth
or death, no pain, neither speech nor sound. There they speak, but
without making any sound, through the power of thoughts. There
is only motion; that is a Movie World and no talkie​. This world is
like our mind; created and shaped by our own thoughts. Made
and shaped with colours of our thoughts. The real world
(corporeal) is replicated here. There is no earthly object, but there
are Human souls with subtle bodies (made of light). Here human
bodies are made of light of different colors representing the
nature of the soul whose body it is. The more virtues a soul has, the more colorful the body it
has in the subtle world. More powerful and knowledgeful the soul is, the more luminous is its
glow. This is ​a world of complete freedom​!
Beyond this, there is another world, the permanent residence of GOD the Supreme soul, which is
called by different names – Paramdham (The Supreme Abode), Brahmaloka or Parloka (The Highest World). Here, there is neither any gross body nor any subtle one, neither thought nor
word nor action. Therefore, there is neither pain nor pleasure, neither birth nor death. There is
Peace and Peace alone. Hence it is called Shantidham (the World of Peace). Muktidham (the
Abode of the Liberated), Nirvanadham (the World of Released). There is a subtle Light which
pervades that world and is called ‘Brahm’​. That Light is not conscient but is the sixth element of
non-living Matter; it is above Satoguna​, Rajoguna or Tamoguna – the three modes of Matter. The
Soul World​, as the name suggests, only the tiny points of lights (souls) live here. It is just you &
God the Supreme soul and eternal sweet silence… Thinking about it is also a kind of purification
for the soul. It is from this world that souls come to the theatre, that is the world, to play their
respective parts and they put on bodies like actors put on their costumes. Just as a Meteor falls
on the earth, so does the soul leave Muktidham and enter this world when it thinks of enjoying
itself in this world. It takes a gross body inside the mother’s womb as its perch. When it takes
physical birth and performs actions, it reaps the fruit thereof as time goes.