Brahma Kumaris 7 days Course RajYoga (BK 7 days course in English)
The Aim of 7 Days RajYog Course is:

Day 1: Soul – Who Am I? Self Realisation

Day 2: God – our Supreme Father, The Supreme Soul (Shiv Baba)

Day 3: The 3 Worlds (Corporeal, Subtle, Incorporeal)

Day 4: World Drama Cycle of 5000 years

Day 5: Karma – Law and Living

Day 6-1: 7 Virtues (Qualities) of Soul – through RajYoga

Day 6-2: 8 Powers of Soul – through RajYoga

Day 7-1: 4 Subjects of Godly University

Day 7-2: What is Raja Yoga meditation? – Process and Purpose

Om Shanti! 🙏

I hope you learned by this brahma kumaris 7 days course:

Consciousness & Self-realisation
Connection & Relationship with God
The Three Worlds
The Cycle of Time
The Law of Karma
The 8 Powers of a Soul
Four Subjects
Rajyoga Meditation.